Stone fruits

Flavoursome and very sweet

“Stone fruits” is a common name that covers all species of fruit with a stone in their interior, likes peaches and apricots. Ripe fruit of this kind is usually very sweet. Stone fruits can be eaten raw or used as ingredients in many kinds of dishes.

These fruits have some special features that are particularly interesting. Amongst other things, there is a wide variety that are rich in carotenes, precursors of vitamin A, which we can identify by their orange colour tone. These species include apricots, peaches and even loquats.


Apricots come from trees of the same name, which belong to the Rosaceae family. Apricots are fruits almost round in shape and yellow-orange in colour; they have a pleasant flavour, sweet flesh and are quite juicy.  


Peaches are sweetly flavoured fruits with very juicy flesh, a velvety skin, and a delicate aroma. Large in size, they are rounded with a fine, downy skin and highly peelable.  


Paraguayos are a variety of peach, product of a relatively recent mutation of the latter which originally occurred in China. They are flattened or squashed in shape and have a smooth, velvety skin with an intense, uniform colouring which comes in all shades of reds and pinks. The flesh is scented, juicy and very sweetly flavoured.  


Nectarines are a derivative of the peach, and are very similar in terms of flavour, colour and their properties; there are slight differences such as their skin, which is smooth, fine and shiny unlike that of the peach which has a downy, velvety texture.